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If you are looking for working Extratorrent proxy sites you have come to the right place. In this post we have gathered and tested some of best Extratorrent proxies and mirrors available on the internet. There are countless of them out there and we have listed only the fastest ones for you. ISPs in European and Asian countries have made it very challenging to access torrent sites these days. This is where web proxies come in handy. If Extratorrents is blocked in your region, your can easily unblock it with the extratorrent proxy links provided above.

What is a Web Proxy?

Web proxies are basically intermediaries that act as the middle man between the client and the torrent website. These web proxies or proxy servers are located in regions where the restrictions on torrent sites are very minimal. When a client from a restricted area tries to access a torrent, the request first goes to the proxy server. The proxy server directs this request to the desired torrent site. Once the proxy server get the full response from the torrent site, it redirects the response back to the client. Make sure to bookmark this page as we keep adding new and fast proxies every day.

The Popularity of Extratorrents

Extratorrent was once on of the biggest torrent sites in the world. It was founded in early 2006 when torrenting was in a different era. It attracted millions of visitors every month from various countries across the world. At one point of time it was second most visited torrent site on the internet after The Pirate Bay . Torrent sites are often know to appear and disappear every now and then, but Extratorrents has stuck around for quite some time now. Many torrent websites did not share such fate and have vanished over time. In November 2016, the website celebrated their 10 year anniversary.

Like any other torrent sites, Extratorrent also received a lot of pressure from various Hollywood studious that wanted to restrict access to the site as it offered copyrighted material absolutely free to it’s users. Despite the various efforts to shut down the site, it stayed up and running for a very long time.

Unfortunately, the site went down in 2017 without any explanation. This was a big disappointed to the ocean of fans that visited the website every month. At the time of it’s shutdown, extratorrent was 291st most viewed website globally, according to statistics from Alexa Internet. As of today the original version is no longer available and fans are only left with mirrors and proxies. For those who are not familiar with mirrors, here is a little background. Mirror sites are basically copies of the original site that look and feel the same as the original.

It only took a few minutes for the first mirror to appear on the web after the immediate shutdown of the original site. Extratorrent being a very popular name in the industry, there are countless mirror sites available online each claiming to be the original. However most of them are either slow or blocked by ISPs, especially in countries like Indian and Pakistan where censorship is pretty heavy. Apart from that, almost all of them are reskinned versions of other popular versions such as The Pirate Bay, KickAss Torrent, 1377x, etc.

There were mainly two mirrors that continued to grow even after the shutdown of the original version. These were extratorren.ch and extratorrent.ag. The two mirrors account for major chuck of the original website’s traffic. Although there are many other alternatives, the fans haven’t forgotten their favorite torrent site and are still searching for it in the Google search even after so many years.

Why Did Extratorrents Shutdown?

As mentioned previously, it was one of the top most torrent site during the time of it’s operations. It provided easy access to high quality torrents without any issues. This was due to the extra effort put in by the Extratorrent staff. They checked each torrent thoroughly for speed, seeds and authenticity. Only the highly quality torrents were indexed.

We very well know the nature of operating of torrent sites. These sites provide easy access to copyrighted material which in turn promotes piracy. Piracy is taken strictly in many countries across the globe. Entertainment companies, ISPs and governments are always trying their best to shut down torrent sites. Extratorrents being a very popular torrent site got major opposition from these entities. Eventually the main site extratorrent.cc was voluntarily shut down by the authors in May 2017.

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